Welcome to AxeBase

AxeBase is a general purpose software development tool and scripting language. It is a free implementation of xBase, compatible with Microsoft Visual FoxPro and has many new extensions.

AxeBase integrates a database engine and high performance programming language into one unique tool.

AxeBase is free to use for any non commercial or commercial purpose.

Latest News

2017-02 Release 0.12.4518 available in download section
New functions: AFROMBINARY(), ATOBINARYY(), AMEMBERS(), GETPEM(), SETPEM(), PEMSTATUS(). New command SET DB3CODEPAGE for compatibility with historic .DBF tables. Improved editor syntax highlighting. Several defects fixed.
2017-01 Release 0.12.4482 available in download section
First AxeBase release with the new precise numeric data type (Panther).
2016-12 Panther numeric data type implementation completed:
AxeBase is worlds first scripting language calculating with a precise rational numeric data type, supporting calculations with arbitrary precision.
2016-11 Release 0.11.4412 available in download section
Compiler improvements, new project manager to easily build standalone executable files, support added for CREATE/MODIFY PROJECT commands.
2016-10 Release 0.11.4383 available in download section
New functionality to compile a program into a standalone executable file (.EXE) has been added to the IDE. The type of application is selectable as either GUI or console (command line) application.
2016-8 Release 0.10.4342 available in download section
Many IDE improvements, call stack window, variable inspection, call tips and much more.
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